Kauai Local Products

At ActivityKauai our goal is to perpetuate ‘All Things Kauai’. We are passionate about Kauai local products. We feel highlighting great Kauai local products is our first step towards supporting a stable, sustainable local economy right here on Kauai.

Kauai is such a special place that one visit is all it takes to simply fall in love. The physical geography of the Garden Isle offers abundant natural resources. It has become known as a playground for outdoor Hawaii travelers that is unparalleled to few locales. The physical landscape alone makes the island an attractive place to visit year after year. Another motivation which draws travelers to visit this beautiful tropical destination is the culture.

The people of Kauai are totally unique. The culture was initially shaped by Polynesian settlers, from island groups such as Marquesas’, Tahiti, Tonga, and Samoa. Long before the first Western contact, Kauai was known to be a kingdom distinct within the islands. Later in Kauai history, the sugar cane industry brought throws of cultures from around the world for labor purposes. Due to the diverse melding pot of people mixed with a culture already exclusive within the Hawaiian Islands, the end product became the warm, loving, giving place full of “Aloha spirit” which you see today.

One thing many travelers will never see is how much their vacation dollar strongly supports this wonderful island. Tourism is truly the economy that sustains Kauai. It supports our infrastructure, education system, community development and our people. As a traveler and a tourist, you can help the most by purchasing Kauai local products rather than those products made far away and shipped in with a local logo

In perpetuating Kauai local products, we aim to Malama Pono (take care) of the people and the place in the most sustainable way. This also ensures that you get a truly authentic Kauai local product to take home and share with the people you love. Sharing Kauai in this way will help keep this special place vibrant! Support Kauai local products for a better overall Kauai experience!

Finally, you can find all the great Kauai local products in one easy location. ActivityKauai.com provides a distribution center for the great artisans of the Garden Isle. Help us by supporting Kauai local products and ‘all things Kauai’. Learn more at ActivityKauai.com’s