Must try foods in Kauai


Going to a tropical island is always the best choice for a vacation with quit and natural surround it is very easy to leave all the cares away and immerse into the extravagant beauty of nature. While we are doing this it is very easy to forget to take care of the food we eat and have any sort of casual meal that we have on a regular basis, it would be understandable for us to have a taste of the cuisine of that particular place and also make sure that we are enjoying the meal .If you ever happen to stop by for a vacation on the island of Kauai here are few eating tips that you can take into consideration while you are in that place .

1.Shrimp Dumplings

These are made out of freshly caught shrimps and present with siitake mushroom , ginger and lobster sauce which makes for a very savory lunch and at the same time it is also a healthy and very nutritious meal in the afternoon after a long and a tiring walk in the tropical sun.

2. Coconut Coast Fish Tacos

With the tempura mahi-mahi , salsa fresca, coconut slaw, and wasabi aioli all of them fused together in a taco shell to create a party in your taste buds.

3. Pork tenderloin

Made of an oven roasted pork tenderloin with as steamed bok choy , served with wild rice and mushroom relish and it is a meal you are never to forget and never regret you had it, and regret if you did not have it.

4. Crab scallops

Served on a sumptuous bed of smoked ungai cream sauce paired with a spin of sushi rice musubi thus this vibrant dish is created and gives you a feel of the tropics in your stomach.

5. Fried Brussels sprouts

Tossed with Portuguese sausage and spice with macadamia nuts miso vinaigrette these are the best for proteins at the same time they maintain an amazing flavor thus and makes you want to have more.

6.Nola Poi bowl

Has a really appetizing smell and a look with a beautiful purple color made from the pounded taro root and poi starch though it might sound simple with the addition of coconut milk it beautifully connects all the ingredients and makes a really riotous dish to have .

7.Rainbow poke martini.

As the name suggests it has a premium cut pieces of tuna, salmon, white fish and avocado served on sweet sushi rice and with a generous sprinkle of a chief secret “Broke the mouth” sauce thus making it the best dish for anyone who sets their foot on the island taste.

Though I will be a really good idea to try out all these food , it will be wise for us first to find out if it will cause an allergic reaction to our body and enjoy the sumptuous meal before us.


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