Limited Edition Swim Fins – Activity Kauai Guide-101


Good quality swim fins are one of the most important things that bodyboarders should possess to ride the waves efficiently. When it comes to bodyboarding the common mistake that people do is that, they really don’t give much of an importance to the bodyboard fins. But there are a lot of things that you need to consider before buying bodyboard fins which include thrust, durability, comfort, stiffness and the price. One of the well-known names in the surfer’s community Fergal Smith Surfboards talks about the best bodyboard fins of 2019.

Churchill Makapuu

Churchill is a brand that has been the market since 1936. It will not be an understatement if we say that Churchill is the very first name that strikes the mind when we think of bodyboard fins. One of the important aspects of their fins is that their design is very exclusive and is patented. This design never fails to give maximum power and the acceleration to ride the waves easily.

Viper Vector V5

Vector V5 is the latest offering from Viper, one of the most trusted brands in the sector. The important aspects of the fins that make it exceptional are the freedom shape spreader bar, single overlap power belt, and dual blade hookup knife. The full length of the blade comes up to seven inch which offers maximum power and thrust. The Viper Vector V5 costs nearly seventy dollars.

Air Hubb

The Air Hubb swim fins are manufactured by Hubboards. It is considered to be one of the lightest swim fins. The Air Hubb is the perfect combination of power and comfort. The stiff blade in the soft pocket renders the maximum power with ultimate comfort. The Air Hubb costs around fifty dollars.

Hydro Tech 2

The Hydro Tech 2 is specifically designed to reduce the effort during the kick and increase the comfort. The Hydro Tech 2 is entirely made out of silicon. The water and the sand that enters through the cavity are released efficiently. It costs around sixty-five dollars.

Ally ERS4

One of the standout qualities of Ally ERS4 is that it is entirely made out of natural rubber. It is easy to wear and produces a lot of power during the kick. It is highly durable and gives you the advantage while riding the huge waves.

Body Glove Pro Model

The Body Glove 12520 fin is one of the highest selling swim fins. It is an ergonomically designed swim fin with a soft foot pocket. There is a channel for water release that does not allow water or sand to get deposited inside. It costs around forty dollars.

Pride Vulcan V2

The Pride Vulcan V2 has an ergonomic foot pocket and an ankle strap that provides maximum comfort in any type of condition. It has a specially designed let out system that does not leave the water or sand to get stagnated inside. It costs around sixty dollars.


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