Wailua River – Kauai Kayak Adventure


Kayaking the Wailua River is a ‘must do’ on Kauai! This tour comes highly recommended by our guides and is one of the top experiences for any visit to the Hawaiian islands. This tour includes kayaking, hiking, swimming and a catered lunch at the magnificent Uluwehi Waterfall. The team will cover six miles of epic beauty in five hours, all powered by you. There is no better way to connect to the wai (water), aina (land), and your family or loved one. After a short lesson from the pros, you’ll be on your way to experience this scenic and exciting adventure.

A Kauai kayak tour up the Wailua river is the very best way to explore the interior of the Gardens Island. Kayaking the majestic waters of Wailua is a powerful and invigorating experience for any paddler. The Wailua will tantalize your senses as you kayak by daily-flowering sea hibiscus trees, leaping fish, and waterfowl, as you paddle your way deeper into the mountains.

After a short kayak demonstration on land, you’ll hit the water to “hone in” your new skills. Although the tour carries a consistent pace, it’s on Hawaiian time, which means the group works together and takes the necessary time . There are always opportunities to talk story with the guides, make new friends, and share with loved ones. After nearly two miles of kayaking, the team passes beyond Mauna Kapu (forbidden mountain) into the jungle.

The river narrows until it becomes impassable by kayak where you then park the boats. Hiking next to the north fork of the Wailua allows countless photo opportunities. Lush tropical jungle, abundant flowing fresh water, captivating song birds, and rock structures from ancient days of agricultural can be experienced on the one mile hike to the waterfall. Uluwhei (lush beauty) also known as ‘Secret Falls’ is worth the trek! No van or helicopter can access this area; the view has to be earned.

Any Kauai Kayak trip is beautiful, but kayaking the Wailua River is great for people of all ages and abilities, as long as you are physically active, enjoy the great outdoors, and have no major injuries or mobility issues. This is the perfect Kauai kayak trip whether you have zero experience or your a pro. This adventure is suitable for both swimmers as well as non-swimmers (life jackets are provided, but are not necessary for swimmers over 13). Trail conditions can vary from bone dry (summer) to sloppy and muddy (winter); good footwear is the best investment you can make on any expedition into the interior of Kauai.

This Kauai kayak tour is often the highlight of many travelers stay on On the garden Island. Don’t miss the opportunity to kayak, hike, and swim, while exploring one of Kaua’is most beautiful valleys. Reserve your seats today!


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