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Must try foods in Kauai

Going to a tropical island is always the best choice for a vacation with quit and natural surround it is very easy to leave...

Places to Visit in Kauai

Kauai, nicknamed “The Garden Isle”, is one of Hawaii’s beautiful islands. When planning a trip, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the...

Kauai’s Best Beaches

Are you looking for the Kauai’s best beaches? Well look no further. Kauai is the oldest of the eight main Hawaiian Islands, and is...

Kauai Mustard 7.5 oz- Hawaiian Gold

Mustard lovers, eat your heart out. This Kauai mustard is taking the island by storm. Hawaiian gold Kauai mustard has become more than just...


Limited Edition Swim Fins – Activity Kauai Guide-101

Good quality swim fins are one of the most important things that bodyboarders should possess to ride...

Must try foods in Kauai

Going to a tropical island is always the best choice for a vacation with quit and natural...

Places to Visit in Kauai

Kauai, nicknamed “The Garden Isle”, is one of Hawaii’s beautiful islands. When planning a trip, it can...

Kauai’s Best Beaches

Are you looking for the Kauai’s best beaches? Well look no further. Kauai is the oldest of...

Kauai Mustard 7.5 oz- Hawaiian Gold

Mustard lovers, eat your heart out. This Kauai mustard is taking the island by storm. Hawaiian gold...

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Limited Edition Swim Fins – Activity Kauai Guide-101

Good quality swim fins are one of the most important things that bodyboarders should possess to ride the waves efficiently. When it comes to bodyboarding the common mistake that people do is that, they really don’t give much of an importance to the bodyboard fins. But there are a lot of things that you need to consider before buying bodyboard fins which include thrust, durability, comfort, stiffness and the price. One of the well-known names in the surfer’s community Fergal Smith Surfboards talks about the best bodyboard fins of 2019.

Churchill Makapuu

Churchill is a brand that has been the market since 1936. It will not be an understatement if we say that Churchill is the very first name that strikes the mind when we think of bodyboard fins. One of the important aspects of their fins is that their design is very exclusive and is patented. This design never fails to give maximum power and the acceleration to ride the waves easily.

Viper Vector V5

Vector V5 is the latest offering from Viper, one of the most trusted brands in the sector. The important aspects of the fins that make it exceptional are the freedom shape spreader bar, single overlap power belt, and dual blade hookup knife. The full length of the blade comes up to seven inch which offers maximum power and thrust. The Viper Vector V5 costs nearly seventy dollars.

Air Hubb

The Air Hubb swim fins are manufactured by Hubboards. It is considered to be one of the lightest swim fins. The Air Hubb is the perfect combination of power and comfort. The stiff blade in the soft pocket renders the maximum power with ultimate comfort. The Air Hubb costs around fifty dollars.

Hydro Tech 2

The Hydro Tech 2 is specifically designed to reduce the effort during the kick and increase the comfort. The Hydro Tech 2 is entirely made out of silicon. The water and the sand that enters through the cavity are released efficiently. It costs around sixty-five dollars.

Ally ERS4

One of the standout qualities of Ally ERS4 is that it is entirely made out of natural rubber. It is easy to wear and produces a lot of power during the kick. It is highly durable and gives you the advantage while riding the huge waves.

Body Glove Pro Model

The Body Glove 12520 fin is one of the highest selling swim fins. It is an ergonomically designed swim fin with a soft foot pocket. There is a channel for water release that does not allow water or sand to get deposited inside. It costs around forty dollars.

Pride Vulcan V2

The Pride Vulcan V2 has an ergonomic foot pocket and an ankle strap that provides maximum comfort in any type of condition. It has a specially designed let out system that does not leave the water or sand to get stagnated inside. It costs around sixty dollars.

Must try foods in Kauai

Going to a tropical island is always the best choice for a vacation with quit and natural surround it is very easy to leave all the cares away and immerse into the extravagant beauty of nature. While we are doing this it is very easy to forget to take care of the food we eat and have any sort of casual meal that we have on a regular basis, it would be understandable for us to have a taste of the cuisine of that particular place and also make sure that we are enjoying the meal .If you ever happen to stop by for a vacation on the island of Kauai here are few eating tips that you can take into consideration while you are in that place .

1.Shrimp Dumplings

These are made out of freshly caught shrimps and present with siitake mushroom , ginger and lobster sauce which makes for a very savory lunch and at the same time it is also a healthy and very nutritious meal in the afternoon after a long and a tiring walk in the tropical sun.

2. Coconut Coast Fish Tacos

With the tempura mahi-mahi , salsa fresca, coconut slaw, and wasabi aioli all of them fused together in a taco shell to create a party in your taste buds.

3. Pork tenderloin

Made of an oven roasted pork tenderloin with as steamed bok choy , served with wild rice and mushroom relish and it is a meal you are never to forget and never regret you had it, and regret if you did not have it.

4. Crab scallops

Served on a sumptuous bed of smoked ungai cream sauce paired with a spin of sushi rice musubi thus this vibrant dish is created and gives you a feel of the tropics in your stomach.

5. Fried Brussels sprouts

Tossed with Portuguese sausage and spice with macadamia nuts miso vinaigrette these are the best for proteins at the same time they maintain an amazing flavor thus and makes you want to have more.

6.Nola Poi bowl

Has a really appetizing smell and a look with a beautiful purple color made from the pounded taro root and poi starch though it might sound simple with the addition of coconut milk it beautifully connects all the ingredients and makes a really riotous dish to have .

7.Rainbow poke martini.

As the name suggests it has a premium cut pieces of tuna, salmon, white fish and avocado served on sweet sushi rice and with a generous sprinkle of a chief secret “Broke the mouth” sauce thus making it the best dish for anyone who sets their foot on the island taste. Though I will be a really good idea to try out all these food , it will be wise for us first to find out if it will cause an allergic reaction to our body and enjoy the sumptuous meal before us.

Places to Visit in Kauai

Kauai, nicknamed “The Garden Isle”, is one of Hawaii’s beautiful islands. When planning a trip, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the multitude of things to see and do. Like its many neighboring islands, Kauai is chock full of scenery, parks, trails, and beaches to keep you relaxed and amazed for every moment of your trip. The first, and potentially the most necessary stop on your trip, should be the breathtaking Waimea Canyon. Said to be the Grand Canyon of the pacific, this 3,600-foot deep and 14-mile wide natural beauty is surrounded by and filled with lush nature scenes and red rocky cliffs. Whether you want to take an extravagant helicopter tour or a challenging hike, there is endless spot to see and take in across this open monument to nature’s beauty. The next place you may want to spend a day or two, or your whole trip, is the beach. Like any tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, beaches are a plenty, and the good problem you may have is deciding on which beach is best to visit or spend your days at. There are a few recommendations on the island and they are as follows: Ke’e Beach, Tunnels Beach, and Po’ipu Beach. Po’ipu Beach The first one, Ke’e Beach, is the safest one to access and a great choice for ocean views, sandy beaches, and an amazing view of the Napali Cliffs. Enjoy the sun and the cool ocean water while staring out at the ocean, or up at the green fauna-covered cliffs. The beauty will overtake you. The next beach, Tunnels Beach, is a favorite of tourists and locals alike. It’s been called the perfect snorkel spot and is the go to place to have a first-hand nature experience. The clear blue waters offer great views of sea life in its natural habitat, and small tide pools allow even the beginner diver to go and check out turtles, star fish, and sometimes even different seal varieties. The beach is lined with palm trees and there are lifeguards on duty all day. There are also daily updated signs that tell you about the tide, the weather, and which times are going to be best for seeing all of the beautifully majestic sea creatures.
  The final stop on your tropical beach vacation is Po’ipu Beach. This is the most popular beach on the island and is always full of wonderful people watching. It is situated geographically in such a way that you needn’t worry about rough waves or hard waters. The kids can swim with ease and you can relax on the white sandy shore that feels like it stretches out for miles. Bring a beach chair, a towel, and leave all of your worries behind, as you embark on what is sure to be the most relaxing vacation you will ever have in your entire life.

Kauai’s Best Beaches

Are you looking for the Kauai’s best beaches? Well look no further. Kauai is the oldest of the eight main Hawaiian Islands, and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With so many beaches to choose from, one could spend an entire vacation visiting multiple beaches a day and still not see them all. Nearly half of the Garden Island’s coastline is covered by sand. That’s more than 55 miles of sand and beaches in 111 miles of coastline! Each stretch has different sand texture, color and ocean conditions. ActivityKauai.com’s list of Kauai’s best beaches will help fine-tune the perfect sandy playground for your desired activity. When building your own personal beach list, its good to first think about ocean safety. Kauai ocean safety is a serious matter. Having a deep respect for the ocean in Hawaii is the best way to keep you out of trouble. All beaches on the Garden Island can be dangerous at some point during the year. Learning about what makes them dangerous is part of being a responsible traveler. Swimming at life guarded beaches, asking for advice, educating you, and exercising caution in remote areas is the common protocol. Enjoy our best beaches safely and have fun doing it! On the Garden Island, locals break down beaches by the regions of North Shore, East Side, South Shore, and West Side. Residents rarely leave the side of the island they live on unless they are working, doing Kauai activities, or visiting a favorite beach. The north shore of Kauai is a charming landscape marked by extensive Taro fields, magnificent sea cliffs, captivating vistas, and tropical jungles extending to the shoreline. Some of the Kauai’s best beaches are found on the north shore. Hanalei (Crescent Bay in Hawaiian) is the quintessential Kauai surf town on the north shore. The bay surrounding this quaint town is a legendary stretch of sand. Hanalei Bay  is the largest bay on the north shore and offers a variety of different conditions throughout the year. Travelers also love the scenic beauty of Hanalei Pier. A few more beaches you won’t want to miss on the north shore are Tunnels, Lumahai, and Kee.  Tunnels Beach can provide great snorkeling during the summer months if the ocean conditions agree. Lumahai Beach gained popularity in 1958 after the classic South Pacific movie scene was filmed there. Today Lumahai is still a favorite of residents and travelers. Kee Beach, at the end of the road on the north shore, is at the trailhead for Kalalau and the beginning of the beautiful Napali Coast. On the east side of Kauai, the areas of Kapaa and Lihue are where most of the business happens on Island. Large areas of livable land allow for populations to live in interior communities. This area is most known for the trade winds that blow onshore 85% of the year. Due to “relative” commercialization and population, the east side does not offer the same abundance and remoteness of beaches as other shores of the island. If you have a small child and are looking for a tide pool area, try Baby Beach. Fuji or Baby Beach is a small area of sand that an outer reef system protects for wading.  Kealia Beach is a beautiful east side destination to add your list of Kauai beaches. This is a great place to observe wind wave surfing. Although the conditions are typically dangerous here, the northern end of the beach can be safe for swimming with lifeguard approval. Almost any east side beach is a prime destination for watching the sunrise.
The sunny south shore of Kauai offers some of the best snorkeling during the winter months. Take a drive through the legendary Tree Tunnels Road towards the south shore. This area of the island is consistently less rainy, boasting some of the most consistent clear Hawaiian weather on island. Many choose to stay on the south side in Poipu for the beautiful weather and close proximity to some great beaches. Poipu Beach Park is one the best life guarded locations, often safe for swimming and snorkeling in the winter months. Mahaleupu Beach is also a favorite when searching for a more remote south shore beach. Kauai’s west side is in the lee of the trade winds and commonly is the hottest, driest place on Kauai. This side of the island has large expanses of land that was used by the last sugar plantations on Kauai. Today you can visit Kauai coffee Company, the largest coffee plantaion in US. Look for the best sunsets on the west side of Kauai. Almost every beach on the west side will provide optimal viewing for watching the sunset. A few of our favorites are Polihale State Parkand Salt Ponds Beach. Both of these beaches are county or state maintained with restrooms, showers, and camping facilities. Polihale is only accessed by driving an eight-mile dirt road that will take at least 45 minutes. This incredible beach is worth the adventure. Salt Ponds is the local sunset beach for residents of Hanapepe. Here you will also get the opportunity to see real Hawaiian sea salt mines. We can’t give away all of Kauai’s best beaches, but ActivityKauai.com’s beach list is a good start for any beach hunting vacation on the Garden Island. So pack up your sunblock, beach chairs, snorkel and family for an epic beach hunt Kauai style!

Kauai Mustard 7.5 oz- Hawaiian Gold

Mustard lovers, eat your heart out. This Kauai mustard is taking the island by storm. Hawaiian gold Kauai mustard has become more than just a stocking stuffer during the holiday season. Mustard lovers, eat your heart out. This Kauai mustard is taking the island by storm. Hawaiian gold Kauai mustard has become more than just a stocking stuffer during the holiday season. The finest farm to table island restaurants are incorporating this Kauai mustard into their intricate, local built culinary chef-d’œuvre. The rich flavors of this malt vinegar based ground Kauai mustard make it the perfect accompaniment for many island-flavored delicacies. Hawaiian Gold can be used by the spoonful for just about any meal. Try it for yourself today! Owner Rick Roberts is a long term resident and community member of Kauai. He still produces every batch by hand to order. Rick uses Trees Lounge in Kapaa as the destination for his mustard cooking. Trees is not only where the best Kauai mustard is hand made, this is also great location to view live music six day a week on Kauai. Trees Lounge also has an annual Oktoberfest party with the primary menu consisting wiener schnitzel, baked pretzels, and Hawaiian gold Kauai mustard! Great pairings:
  • Wiener schnitzel
  • Baked pretzels
  • Pears, cheese, crackers, red wine
  • Gourmet sandwich spread
  • Great as base for sauces and marinades
  • Pork chops
  • Lamb
  • Baked brie
  • Sweet potato
  • Poi
INGREDIENTS Ground Mustard, Malt Vinegar, Sugar and Egg. Refrigerate after opening   I love your Hawaiian Gold Mustard! I moved here over 5 months ago to Kauai- and I discovered Hawaiian Gold Mustard. I try to make my jar last more than a week. I have been telling all my neighbors and new friends in Kauai about this great mustard that is made here in Kauai, that is so versatile and tastes so ono good! So when I go to it’s spot on the shelf- it is gone! Thank you for making a brilliant condiment that I love to use in every cooked meal. Mahalo! Aishling  

Why are there so many kauai chickens?

When visiting the Garden Island it does not take long to notice that Kauai is a special place. In addition to verdant tropical forests, sharp ridgelines, and magnificent beaches, Kauai’s wildlife is unique even within the Hawaiian Islands. Over generations of isolation, the Hawaiian Islands became home to many native species of plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet. These islands, located centrally in the world’s largest ocean, have become a melding pot for people, plants, and animals. Upon the first arrival of the Polynesian voyagers, these ancestors of the Hawaiian people (kanaka maoli) brought chickens (moa), pigs (pua’a), dogs (‘I’ilio), and rats (‘I’ole). These animals were introduced alongside native populations of birds, monk seals, and bats. Some historians even believe Kauai had a native duck that stood over four feet tall. By the 1800’s, early voyagers and missionaries from around the globe started to populate this oasis in the middle of the Pacific. With this rise in foreign populations and a landscape rich and abundant in natural resources came the sugar industry, further perpetuating an increase in migrants, animals and plants from around the world. Sugar production, Hawaii’s dominant industry for over two hundred years, brought many of the cultural populations and the plants and animals that still dominate the Hawaiian landscapes of today. A special attribute any visitor will observe upon stepping foot on Kauai is a wild moa (chicken) population unlike few places on the planet. The most commonly asked question by travelers is….”Why are there so many chickens?”  It’s truly remarkable to any visitor of Kauai!  Everywhere you look chickens roam freely….at the airport, in shopping centers, on the golf course, at gas stations, in the woods, and even in the KFC parking lot! If you fly in at night, don’t worry you won’t miss the chickens. On Kauai, they have no mental alarm clock and crow 24 hours a day! For this reason, you will have to agree Kauai is unlike any place on the planet due to the ridiculously wild and beautiful chicken population. Moa have become a part of Kauai’s cultural identity. Great businesses like Kauai Chicken® have been built around the stoic image of our wild jungle fowl. Over the years we have heard many ‘stories’ pertaining to the reasons for Kauai’s prolific chicken population.  As this is one of the most commonly asked questions of our tourist community, we at activitykauai.com feel justice should be given to the true reasons contributing to this explosive population of wild chickens. There is no one reason the population is so high; it’s the combination of various events that allow chickens to seemingly outnumber people living on Kauai. Another primary event that has greatly contributed to Kauai’s prolific chicken population is nature’s release of domestic chickens into the wild, which has resulted in further breeding with Hawaii jungle fowl. Over recorded history, various hurricanes, tsunamis, and other weather events have released large populations of domestic birds into the wild.  Hurricane Iniki on September 11, 1992 leveled Kauai, releasing many domestic birds into the wild. Anyone that knows the Kauai chicken population can recognize the difference between a domestic, native, and cross-bred chicken. Certain colors, body shapes, and feathers make the moa (wild native jungle fowl) distinct.  To the tourist, these wild chickens are distinct by their beautiful, vibrant and varied colors that stand out against any forest or town landscape.The first and most important reason is that Kauai has never had a serious predator to the chicken.   Although the sugar cane industry introduced the mongoose (a small ferret-like animal from India) to help control the Polynesian- introduced rats from eating the stock of this highly valuable crop, the mongoose did not make it to Kauai. They are found on all the major Hawaiian Islands other than Kauai. These fierce little predators known for killing king cobras in Asia make quick work of eggs and young chicks. The last major contributor to the Kauai chicken population is always a shocker even to people who have lived here all their lives.  Kauai’s wild jungle fowl is protected. Under state law like all birds of Hawaii, the moa is protected as an important part of nature. Although it is seldom spoken of and the law and repercussions for breaking the law is hard to pin down, harming the wild moa is a crime in the state of Hawaii.  Despite this gray area, the state does advocate for removal of non-native chickens within domestic areas, however after generations of cross-breeding it hard to truly say if a chicken is native. We are still looking for the authority on wild jungle fowl! If you are traveling to Kauai, plan on hearing and seeing chickens anywhere you go. One more thing about the chickens…They’re inedible. After one trip to any Kauai supermarket the average traveler realizes they have to give up an arm or the first born child for a gallon of milk (more expensive than a gallon of gas). After leaving the supermarket with a $100 bag of nothing, wild chickens in the parking lot start to look like a menu item. Even the very best chefs struggle to make a good soup from the domestic chickens. An old Hawaiian proverb… If you like eat da chicken get two pots of water to a boil. In one pot put da pohaku (lava rock) and in the other put da moa (wild chicken). Once the lava rock is done da moa is ready to eat. Moral of the story; you can’t eat the wild chickens, they are hard as a rock! Enjoy their beauty and their longstanding place in the Kauai landscape and culture! Tip: -Bring ear plugs especially if you don’t want to wake up before dawn! -If you are lost, follow a chicken to food! -Don’t feed chickens unless you are going to bring them home with you! -Locals love watching travelers follow around chickens with their camera downtown! -Trust us you can’t eat them. There is a reason Kauai only has one KFC! -No the eggs are not good either!

Hawaiian Jungle Shield

Second Skin Naturals locally created, Hawaiian Jungle Shiel is Kauai’s number one skin protectant. This all -natural product is made from local sourced Kauai ingredients and contains no Deet. This outdoor skincare product helps to sooth bites, stings, sunburns and other skin irritations through its unique natural formula.  Hawaiian Jungle Shield also moisturizes and cleanses the skin upon use as well as being great for those with chemical sensitivities. Hawaiian Jungle Shield is an effective product for protecting yourself from most bugs.  This natural solution is made with gentle ingredients such as Kauai Spring Water, Hawaiian Herbs, Plant Extracts, and Pure Essential Oils. Hawaiian Jungle Shield uses Hawaiian herbs and plant extracts which are organically grown and support sustainable organic agriculture in Hawaii. The company is passionate about sustainability and the propagation of local agriculture. Hawaiian Jungle Shield has a pleasant, subtle herbal scent that is non-offensive to the surrounding environment. This 100% natural product is both Vegan and Deet free. The 3oz compact bottle is airline carry-on and recycle friendly. Click on the ingredients and disclaimer tab for further information.  

Hawaiian Organic Noni

Hawaiian organic noni pain-relieving properties are legendary. The University of Hawaii’s athletes, including members of their Warriors’ football and basketball squads, have used topical Hawaiian organic noni for years. Thousands of other non-elite athletes and weekend warriors are also using topical Noni, some of whose amazing stories reported on, are in past articles in The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living. Now this lotion is becoming more and more popular for those who need natural pain relief from the sprains, strains, bruising and muscle tiredness that come along with almost any form of exercise. However, its popularity aside, scientists themselves have been exploring the pain-relieving benefits of Hawaiian organic noni, and they’ve discovered there truly is a scientific basis for this amazing healer.

Wailua River – Kauai Kayak Adventure

Kayaking the Wailua River is a ‘must do’ on Kauai! This tour comes highly recommended by our guides and is one of the top experiences for any visit to the Hawaiian islands. This tour includes kayaking, hiking, swimming and a catered lunch at the magnificent Uluwehi Waterfall. The team will cover six miles of epic beauty in five hours, all powered by you. There is no better way to connect to the wai (water), aina (land), and your family or loved one. After a short lesson from the pros, you’ll be on your way to experience this scenic and exciting adventure. A Kauai kayak tour up the Wailua river is the very best way to explore the interior of the Gardens Island. Kayaking the majestic waters of Wailua is a powerful and invigorating experience for any paddler. The Wailua will tantalize your senses as you kayak by daily-flowering sea hibiscus trees, leaping fish, and waterfowl, as you paddle your way deeper into the mountains. After a short kayak demonstration on land, you’ll hit the water to “hone in” your new skills. Although the tour carries a consistent pace, it’s on Hawaiian time, which means the group works together and takes the necessary time . There are always opportunities to talk story with the guides, make new friends, and share with loved ones. After nearly two miles of kayaking, the team passes beyond Mauna Kapu (forbidden mountain) into the jungle. The river narrows until it becomes impassable by kayak where you then park the boats. Hiking next to the north fork of the Wailua allows countless photo opportunities. Lush tropical jungle, abundant flowing fresh water, captivating song birds, and rock structures from ancient days of agricultural can be experienced on the one mile hike to the waterfall. Uluwhei (lush beauty) also known as ‘Secret Falls’ is worth the trek! No van or helicopter can access this area; the view has to be earned. Any Kauai Kayak trip is beautiful, but kayaking the Wailua River is great for people of all ages and abilities, as long as you are physically active, enjoy the great outdoors, and have no major injuries or mobility issues. This is the perfect Kauai kayak trip whether you have zero experience or your a pro. This adventure is suitable for both swimmers as well as non-swimmers (life jackets are provided, but are not necessary for swimmers over 13). Trail conditions can vary from bone dry (summer) to sloppy and muddy (winter); good footwear is the best investment you can make on any expedition into the interior of Kauai. This Kauai kayak tour is often the highlight of many travelers stay on On the garden Island. Don’t miss the opportunity to kayak, hike, and swim, while exploring one of Kaua’is most beautiful valleys. Reserve your seats today!

Traditional Kauai Luau

For over 20 years of working together to make guests a part of a Hawaiian family tradition, the Smiths provide the best luau on Kauai. Their tropical paradise found within 30 acres of lush gardens is an extravagant experience for any traveler to Kauai. Come celebrate the spirit of Aloha with songs and chants passed down from generations, and enjoy dance, feast, and entertainment, which will leave you feeling like a part of the Smith’s family! Traditional Kauai Luau Experience With four generations of Smith’s working in their luau to this day, this is the quintessential Hawaiian experience. The family holds down the most successful, traditional Kauai luau because they specialize in the authentic feast (pa’ina) and clearly represent traditional dance and music performance. There is a reason why Smith’s is the longest standing luau on Kauai, as it is a tried and true experience, with a heart of gold in the center. Located in Wailua; the pinnacle of Kauai’s ancient royal capital and religious center, provides a stunning atmosphere with loads of tropical plants, trees, flowers and birds. Strolling along the banks of the Smith’s Wailua river tropical garden, you will witness the sheer beauty of the islands from a riverside view. This tropical garden is well renowned as a venue for large upscale events, such as Kauai’s yearly celebration ‘Taste of Hawaii’ as well as hosting lavish wedding ceremonies. Take part in unveiling the pig (pua’a), from its under ground oven (imu). Also served at this delectable buffet is teriyaki beef, yummy fish, chicken, salads, desserts and of course every families favorite, Poi!  Enjoy endless food, mai-tai’s, beer and wine, while being entertained with live music by one of the Smith families talented musicians. Celebrate traditional song, chants and dance as you witness the beauty and grace of Hula, the power and energy of Tahitian Dance and a mesmerizing Samoan fire knife dancer. A very family friendly environment; perfect for children and comes complete with Pele’s erupting volcano! Share this traditional Kauai luau experience with family and loved ones. Smith family luau is a right of passage for first time Kauai travelers and an annual event for many residents. Come Hungry Dress Nice Bring a designated driver Luau schedule: Prices are inclusive of tax $88 Adults/ $30 Juniors(7-13)/ $19 Child(3-6) 5:00pm- E Como Mai (Welcome) Arrive at Smith Family Garden luau property located at the mouth of the Wailua River valley, a destination once reserved for Hawaiian Alii(royalty). This 30 Acres property is well manicured hosting a variety of exotic island plants and trees. After receiving your shell lei, take a narrated tram ride or a relaxing walk around smith beautiful, lush, tropical property. (Last tram departs at 5:30) 6:00pm- Imu Ceremony Join the Smith family for the traditional Imu Ceremony where they unveil the pig from a traditional Hawaiian style underground oven after it has cooked for 12 hours. The pig is cooked by the Kalua method of Ti leaf wrap to hold the rich succulent moisture and taste of the slow Imu bake. 6:15pm-Live Music& Drinks Open bar and live Hawaiian music performed by members of the Smith Family (non alcoholic beverages are also available) 6:30pm- Luau Dinner Enjoy family island favorites while the live music continues Menu: -Kalua Pig -Beef Teriyaki (secret recipe) -Chicken Adobo -Sweet ‘n’ sour Mahi-mahi -Lomi Salmon (local favorite) -Mac Salad -Namasu Salad -Fresh Poi (traditional Hawaiian starch) -Delicious tropical deserts 8:00pm- Aloha Show Hawaii is a melding pot of Pacific culture. Come enjoy Kauai’s best Luau performance in Smith’s open air ‘Pele Amphitheater’. The show entertains the story of Hawaii’s people and the history of their ancestry. This captivating performance, is complete with an erupting volcano

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